Buying a Popsicle maker was one of the best decisions, now I can make my kids cooling treats on hot summer days and I don’t have to worry about the ingredients. Or the enormous amount of sugar. It’s fun to play with different fruit and liquid combinations when making homemade popsicles, we haven’t had a bad flavor yet! I hope you give these a try.

Pineapple Popsicles Ingredients:

2 cups fresh pineapple
1 cup apple juice
2-3 Tbsp. pineapple cut into junks

Place the two cups of pineapple into a blender with the apple juice and blend until smooth. Taste mixture and adjust sweetness. Pour mixture into Popsicle molds with a few chunks of pineapple. Freeze according to package directions.
Makes around 6 popsicles

June 04, 2022

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