Memory improvement seems to be an imperative in these times; professional obligation as well or quest for self improvement need improving memory to make sense of it all. The variety of novel data we encounter in skilled as well as in private life demands a flawless function of memory. A challenge poses itself: what are the options to keep our capability to store and recall memory?

Naturally Boost Your Memory

ortunately, there are a number of methods for memory improvement that are easily available: herbal, nutrition, vitamins, music, laughter, essential oils. These may boost one’s memory and provide a basis for optimal living in a world saturated by increased information, both professional and the one encountered in other aspects of daily life.

Adaptogens to Boost Memory

Ginseng to Boost Memory

Regarding herbal supplement readily available over-the-counter (OTC), Ginseng may be the most cost-effective herbal supplement that provides a significant memory boost and other health benefits. Ginseng Extract is an adaptogenic substance. This implies that it is useful for relieving stress caused by environment, phsychological as well as physiological stress, by providing nootropic (mind boosting) properties. Ginseng provides compounds known as ginseniosides, phytochemicals that provide memory boosting as well as panaxosides, the chief ingredient that boosts visual memory by activation of activity in a hippocampus, a part of the human brain.

Ginseng also has a cholinergic properties (boosting the production and action of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine) that improve memory formation and recall.

Ginko Biloba to Boost Memory

Ginkgo Biloba, another herbal supplement also has strong nootropic properties. In common words, Ginkgo is a term for extracts of the tree Ginkgo. This herbal supplement has vasodilator effects in the brain, providing it with more oxygen and other nutritional substances as well as exercising protection against neurotoxicity and onset of Alzheimer disease and senile dementia. Its effects are most prominent after long term supplementation.

Bacopa, an Indian herb which is part of the traditional medicine, improves concentration, learning and memory, by exercising a strong neuro-protective actions, especially in the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for the formation of new memories.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Healthy nutrition is a basis for improved memory, through providing a brain with nutritional substances that improve long-term as well as working memory. The tried and tested ‘Mediterranean diet’ includes a component that may boost mental performance.

Natural Ways to Help Boost Memory
Add these healthy fats to your diet

Mediterranean Diet May Help Boost Memory

Seasonal fruits, vegetables, integral grains, fish, and olive oil help are protecting the blood vessels, including blood vessels in the brain from stroke and other degenerative conditions. Based on fish, it improves supplementation with omega oils. Red wine may decrease the action of free radicals that are toxic at a cellular level. Even in the case when alcohol is avoided for ethical and other reasons, the benefits of the Mediterranean diet strongly suggest improved action of the Central Nervous System and of the vascular system in general.

Vitamins to Help Boost Memory

Certain vitamins are also providing neuroprotective actions as well as a nootropic (mind boosting) when they are taken on a daily basis in certain limits: among these are vitamin B12, in foods like fish, lean meat and poultry. Vitamin E is also essential for brain’s memory boosting. It comes naturally in nuts, seeds, dark-colored fruits, like blueberries, blackberries, avocados), and vegetables, especially spinach. Vitamin E provides prevention from free radicals, unstable neurotoxic elements that damage the brain and peripheral neurological system at a cellular level. It can be found in almonds, corn oil, sunflower oil, hazelnuts, and whole-grain flour as well as in green leafy vegetables.

Natural Ways to Help Boost Memory
Try this healthy bean dip

Music May Help Boost Memory

Music, depending upon the latest scientific studies, may also be a powerful booster of the memory. While reminiscence of an earlier age through exposure of volunteers with vintage music corresponding with their youth found a correlation between wellness and the music of their generation, classical music is more likely to provide benefits for the memory and overall health as well. People who were exposed to music showed an increase in brain wave activity related to memory, understanding as well as problem solving capabilities. Relaxing musing, regardless of the genre, is useful prior to exposure to classical music, whose harmony and melody seem to have a nootropic effect on the brain. The great amount of studies demonstrated that listening to classical music vastly improves mind enchasing capabilities in exposed subjects. While it is known that certain period music may interfere with the mood of the subject listening to it, only classical music demonstrated in controlled studies a marked effect in cognition as well as of memory formation and recall. So, this is one of the means towards better self-actualization that has a scientific basis.

Laughter May Help Boost Memory

Humor and laughter, these uniquely human reactions, are also beneficial for mind expanding, among their other health benefits. In empirical studies, it was found that sincere laughter removed stress as well as improved the state of cardio-vascular health, particularly the blood pressure. Laughter is essential in the increased activity of neurotransmitter dopamine, which provides a ‘reward mechanism’ for the stimuli desired by the mind and the body. Given that dopamine is implicated in memory formation process, exposures to situations which cause laughter are beneficial for your mind, your memory and your body as well. Humor, with its correlated sincere laughter, can reduce stress and the influence of cortisol, a stress hormone. The release of cortisol can be neurotoxic in hippocampus neurons, with the effect of ultimately leading to reduction of learning and memory.

Essential Oils May Help Boost Memory

Essential oils as Lavender or Rosemary are also beneficial to your memory. Lavender is especially noted by studies as having sedative and soothing effect. Their key property is the releasing of terpene molecules which can pass through the blood-brain barrier and exercise their beneficial effect on the brain. They help relax your muscles, relieve anxiety, and even reduce migraines and improve sleep patterns. They have a muscle relaxing properties as well as sedative ones, which aid more restful sleep. Peppermint, depending on the person, may have both stimulative, focus-enchasing properties and also the sedative properties. Lemon oils may have positive indications for those who suffer from insomnia, depression and bulimia nervosa and it is a good complement to ginger oil, which can help many struggling with loss of appetite and digestion issues.

The nature provides a full range of tried and tested solution to many health problems. While visit to a professional is one possible approach to consult with somebody about one’s ailments, the cure should not be sought exclusively in the prescription drugs. Nature provides many ingredients that have stood the scientific scrutiny and that are viable alternatives for improving health, including boosting the memory and cognition.

May 04, 2022

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