Hi! I'm Jeanette

Welcome to The Natural Cure. I’m a single mom of two great kids, one recovered from autism, and the other is making progress. I was devastated when I was told that my son needed to be institutionalized. Then the same dr told me that my daughter was also on the autism spectrum. Instead of believing him or blindly following his direction, I started researching all things natural that can help the body heal without causing harm. 

From endless hours of research, I have learned that working with the whole body, not just the part that is ill, and finding the root cause is the key to healing. I have dedicated myself to a life of learning naturopathic, biological, functional, homeopathic, herbal, ayurvedic, aromatherapy, and apitherapy practices. I have not stopped searching for more ways to support the body naturally.

If having both my kids on the spectrum wasn’t enough, I was diagnosed with severe thyroid disease and Lyme disease. My kids and I have made a lot of progress, and I will continue to share the best things I learned from across the globe with anyone that truly wants to change their health. I hope this brings you some hope that progress is possible! 

XO, Jeanette