Everyday Essentials A-Z Guide


The Everyday Essentials A-Z Guide is your quick reference guide to essential oils featuring over 250 common ailments. Find safety information, ailments, and a few more goodies!

How to Use:

  • Look up an ailment or health concern to find a shortlist of some oils to try as well as the best ways to apply them.
  • The A, T, I reference will provide you with a brief description of how to use each oil topically, internally, or aromatically.

Essential oils are highly concentrated, and for that reason, we have created a safety section for you to start with. This section is great for new users and a good refresher for the pros.

You will also find a Single Oils section and an Oil Blends section, which lists the best medicinal uses for each oil and our top 15 oil blends, as well as the appropriate applications for each one!

  • Content: (1) Booklet, full color
  • Pages: 32 
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.5"