Advanced Homeopathic Testing
And Treatment Methods

IRA - Interpretive Reflex Analysis

The IRA is a unique testing and treatment method designed to communicate with the body in a detailed and thorough manner. At the Fransen Center For Advanced Medicine we uses a combination of two computerized devices that measure brain waves frequency, biological system imbalances and emotional blocks. The Interpretive Reflex Analysis produces reliable, repeatable and consistent results that enable the practitioner to find multiple troubled conditions that are often hidden or overlooked by other practitioners.

What Can Be Determined With An IRA?

First, we are able to find the root cause of the imbalance. This allows us to bypass the symptoms and treat the root cause of the illness. The root cause can often be a miscommunication of the immune system causing various immune cells to attack the body's own tissues. Many of today's chronic and so called "mystery" illnesses are a result of this miscommunication. It is often referred to as an auto-immune condition. However, many of these conditions have no name and just result in a variety of symptoms that usually devastate the health of the individual for many years before finally being correctly recognized. With IRA we are able to quickly and accurately locate the source of the problem.

The second biggest area that is often not treated by other practitioners are what we refer to as "treatment blocks." Any good treatment issued by any well meaning practitioner can be negated by a block. Often these can be emotionally related trauma that took place far in the past of the patient or even self defeating belief patterns that keep one held back. The pychosomatic element is often found as a treatment block to healing. With the IRA we are able to locate these hidden treatment blocks, resolve them and watch the the patient finally begin to heal.

Ultimately, all a patient wants is to get better. With the IRA we are able to take the information from our diagnostic portion of the consultation and prescribe a unique homeopathic remedy that truly works. Not all homeopathic remedies are created equal. To truly work they must be composed of ingredients that are unique not to the symptoms, as some may believe, but to the root cause of the illness. Gone are the days when a simple homeopathic remedy could be prescribed based on your symptoms. Those remedies are no longer powerful enough to move someone out of a chronically ill state. This same philosophy is applied to supplements as well. Today's diseases are caused by today's problems such as unrelenting electromagnetic frequencies confusing polarity and function on a cellular level, processed foods and chemical additives the likes the world has never seen, and microbial adaptiveness that keeps even the infections disease specialist grasping for drug after drug to quell their aggressiveness.

With the IRA we can finally diagnose and treat the real cause of the illness and healing become within our grasp.