Nickolas Fransen -Licensed Acupuncturist

Searching For What Really Works.

In 2006 I noticed atypical behavior in my then 2 year old son. After several doctor visits my son was diagnosed with Autism. This began a long, arduous and yet fascinating trip into the field of alternative medicine.

Having attended several medical conventions around the world and schooling at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, I embarked into the field of naturopathic, chinese and holistic medicine. I worked for several years with many different natural heath companies as a consultant while maintaining a practice in San Diego, California. Because of my role with many international companies such as Pleo Sanum GMBH from Germany, Rubimed AG from Switzerland, Delta Institute Inc. Jamaica and Hope 4 Cancer Tijuana, Mexico, I was able to meet and train with the best integrative medicine physicians in the world. I also attended nearly twenty various trade shows and physician training's yearly for nearly 10 years. Having so much exposure to different modalities I was given a unique advantage to know what was really working best for patients around the globe.

I've been trained in several modalities including ultaviolet blood irradiation, intravenous ozone, ozone injections, neurocranial restructuring, autonomic response testing, neural therapy, acupuncture, bio-puncture, needle/knife therapy, homeopathy and many other modalities.

What Do The World's Leading Top Doctors Know?

After nearly two decades of training and learning from the best minds in the field I realized that true healing was not in the grasp of most of these doctors. Most were more interested in charging exorbitant consultation fee's and sending you home with a bucket full of supplements that cost you thousands of dollars. I have no doubt that many of these doctors have good intentions but in all reality...their patients never get better. These patients just run out of money and are left to scour the internet looking for a solution to their never ending pain, fatigue, or whatever their ailment may be.

Why I am Different.

In my medical travels and experiences I was exposed to much and eventually found knowledge that allowed me to really "cure" cases. Soon, I began to attract the real difficult cases and give hope to many that had no other options. Not to go into great detail, but I use very specialized medicine and techniques that allow a tired and often overburdened body to make the turn toward full strength. My fee's are reasonable, and you won't walk out with a bucket of supplements. Give me a call and I won't be disappointed.