Nutritious and Delicious Using Herbs and Spices

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Herbs and spices are two different plant products that have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are plenty of differences between the two, and both have found their usage in different spheres of life. Before one starts to use herbs and spices as ingredients in cooking, they should understand a few of the important things that are necessary to make their end dish more nutritious and delicious.

Herbs are generally obtained from plant leaves and stems where as spices are obtained from roots of the plant, seeds of different vegetables and fruits. In general, spices are generally found in tropical regions while herbs have no particular regional distinction as they can be grown in different climatic conditions.

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Nutritious and Delicious Using Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices are considered to be some of the most important products in cooking and in medicine. Given that they have many different advantages, many herbs are utilized to produce the required medicine for a particular treatment. Although herbs can also be used for cooking food, they have found greater importance in the making of medicines, as they often provide a cure without any side-effects. Spices in general are stronger when tasted and are usually utilized in cooking for flavoring a dish. Essential oils have similar benefits but be sure to use sparingly.

Herbs and spices are available across different regions. They come in different sizes. The change in size is due to the varying soils and atmospheric conditions. Spices are mainly grown in hot weather conditions and hence are found in tropical regions. Herbs, unlike spices, are grown in different regions irrespective of weather conditions. This has helped many countries develop their herbal production as well as spice production depending on the temperature and climatic conditions.

Herbs and Spices – The Differences

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The main difference between herbs and spices is that spices have found their way of usage in cooking whereas herbs are mostly used for producing different medicines. Although a few herbs are used for cooking, many more are used in medicines.

Spices are in general strong in taste. They provide complete spicy taste to food when added in different proportions. Their use is usually completely based on the cooking habits of a person and on the amount of spice a person would like to have in their food. When added and combined with different other ingredients, they provide excellent taste to the dish prepared. You can learn more about spices that are available across the globe and their properties.

Herbs and spices cause no harm to human body. They provide the required natural ingredients to fight various ailments that we may have during our life.

Favorite Nutritious and Delicious Herbs and Spices

All of the herbs and spices that we add to our food are good for the health. However, some have more valuable nutrients than others. Find out what these plant ingredients are and how to use them when you are preparing food for you and for your family.

Cinnamon is considered to be one of the healthiest herbs and spices. It has a beneficial effect on the blood sugar levels and may be useful for complementing diabetes type 2 treatment. It protects you from high cholesterol and high blood pressure as well. According to researchers, the daily dosage that will give you the desired benefits is one and half teaspoon of ground cinnamon. You can use cinnamon when preparing cakes, cookies and puddings. You can add some to your oatmeal, French toast and to your coffee.  Cinnamon essential oil provides the same benefits.

health benefits of turmericFavorite Spices for Alzheimer’s Disease

Turmeric is a spice originating from India. It is popularly known as yellow curry. Researchers have found that it is extremely rich in antioxidants. These chemical compounds prevent and reduce cell damage. That is why turmeric may reduce the risk of cancer, brain damage and heart disease. A study has revealed that the use of this spice may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease considerably. Turmeric will add great spicy flavor and aroma to boiled eggs, egg salad, chicken dishes, casseroles and, of course, curries.

Favorite Spices for Slimming

Chili peppers and cayenne are among the herbs and spices that work to promote health in more ways than one. These are excellent sources of Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. They contain a chemical compound called capsaicin, which has been found to aid metabolism at cellular level. That is why adding chili peppers or cayenne pepper to your dishes may help you slim down, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. These two spices can be added to all sorts of cooked dishes.

ginger The Natural cureFavorite Spices for Pain Relief

Ginger is known to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anticoagulant properties. It is known to relieve stomach upset and sore throat. It may relieve arthritis pain as well. Its anticoagulant properties make it good for the cardiovascular system. Ginger adds great flavor and aroma to chicken dishes, stir fries, cakes and cookies. Ginger essential oil provides the same benefits as fresh ginger.

Favorite Spices for Immune Support

Rosemary and garlic are among the herbs and spices known to have excellent antioxidant properties. They are great for seasoning red meat, fish, poultry and different types of sauces, including ones for pasta.

Thyme, basil, parsley and cloves are also among the herbs and spices rich in antioxidants. You can readily add them to dishes in a fresh form.