Homeostasis for Balance and Harmony


Did you know that balance happens at every level of our being.   Homeostasis is the biological process where the body maintains its internal stability, ideally every cell in our body is functioning in a state of wellness. We unknowingly regulate internally without knowing we are doing it.

Our body is constantly working to adapt our internal environment to our external environment. Throughout the day our body sends us signals that are processed consciously and subconsciously.

Our receptors send and receive information from our different control centers. For example a healthy body retains a temperature of 98.6 degrees. Your body can control the temperature by making or releasing heat, depending on what is needed.

There are five main physical systems of balance in our bodies.

pH Balance

Homeostasis for Balance and HarmonyOur blood is affected by the foods we eat. Carbon dioxide is mostly acidic. As carbon dioxide accumulates in the blood, your blood pH level decreases into a more acidic state. Eating foods that are more alkaline, such as fruits and vegetables can help maintain a higher and more oxygen rich pH level.

Body Temperature

Our body temperature is controlled by shivering and sweating. These days many people utilize air conditioning and wear appropriate clothing, so body temperature is easily controlled externally. But this can also make our bodies become very accustomed to regulated air temperature and when there is a temperature fluctuation out bodies need to work overtime to adjust.

Glucose Concentration

When we consume large amounts of refined carbohydrates our blood sugar spikes.  Our pancreas regulates the secretion of insulin.  When our blood sugar spikes the pancreas overcompensates with insulin in order to regular blood sugar levels.  The problem is that excess glucose is sent to the liver and converted into glycogen. This stored sugar is released between meals and during the night to stabilize low blood sugar. These are my favorite ways to beat stress.

Stress and hormone dysfunction can deplete our bodies ability to store glycogen and often results in sugar imbalances. Consuming a low sugar diet will help prevent this problem.

Calcium Sensing Regulators

The parathyroid gland releases a hormone to regulate calcium levels by transporting calcium from the bones to the blood.  The problem is when we are not consuming enough calcium, out body then removes too much calcium from our bones and as a result they become weakened.

Fluid Intake

Homeostasis for Balance and HarmonyOur kidneys know when we have low blood pressure. This will trigger a response to raise blood pressure and conserve volume. The kidney’s job is to remove wastes and toxins and excrete them from the body. To help the kidney performs it is necessary to drink plenty of water, replenish electrolytes and consume a low-sodium diet. This secret ingredient can help boost thyroid.

Maintaining equilibrium within our bodies is essential for a healthy body and vice versa.  It is almost like cat and mouse.  Enjoying a healthy diet, with lots of water, regular daily exercise and minimal stress are all essential elements for our bodies to be operating efficiently. When one of these are out of line homeostasis becomes harder and harder.

When we are in balance physically we operate at a higher level and it also allows our mental and emotional state to be more balanced. Maybe a family member was giving you a difficult time, perhaps you had a bad day at work, excess stress, or poor sleep.  The ability to reach homeostasis is compromised when we are not fully balanced.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have adaptogenic properties that can help foster homeostasis.  Adaptogens have unique healing properties. The help balance, restore and protect the body. While they do not have a specific action, they can help you respond to an influence or stressor.

Essential oil is the volatile lipid soluble part of a plant that contains the odiferous compounds.  It can include any part of the plant: stem, branch, glowers, roots, needles, leaves, flowers.  Essential oils contain hundreds of compounds. Essential oils are, by their very nature, very complex. No one knows everything that is in even one oil.

Homeostasis for Balance and HarmonyEssential oils can be used in many different ways to help the body maintain homeostasis.  Each oil has its own unique properties, but they all contribute to the body, often in many different ways. Essential oils do not disturb the body’s natural balance because of their adaptogenic behavior.

The most popular essential oils to help balance include:

Frankincense which stimulates and oxygenates the limbic system of the brain. Helps elevate mood and allows us to relax.  Frankincense has been known to bring balance to the body. Try diffusing during your yoga practice to focus your intention for the day. After a day of outdoor activity you can also try massaging Frankincense into hands and feet for a warming and soothing effect.

Peppermint is a very popular essential oil with powerful adaptogenc properties.  Because of this it can provide both warming and cooling properties, depending on what the person is needing.  Some other ways to use peppermint oil include:  Diffuse during study-time for better focus you can apply topically to relieve feelings of tension or try diffusing when feeling fatigued or low on energy.

Lavender is another unique oil that has both sedative and stimulant properties. It is widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities, taken internally it can help reduce anxious feelings and also helps induce a peaceful sleep. Lavender has also been known to support a health immune system.

Sandalwood is another calming oil that can helps promote relaxation and reduce stress. Sandalwood can be inhaled directly from the palms or diffused to lessen tension and balance emotions.  It is frequently used in meditation for its ground and uplifting properties.

Cinnamon Bark can be used to maintain a healthy immune system, in the winter months it can create a warming massage for cold and achy joints, supports a healthy metabolic function, may help promote a healthy circulatory function. Also Cinnamon Bark can be used during your nightly routine. Just add one drop of Cinnamon to two ounces of water and gargle for an effective mouth rinse

Homeostasis for Balance and HarmonyGeranium has been used to support the nervous system.  Place one drop in the palm of your hands, rub together, and cup over your nose and breathe slowly for a calming and grounding effect.  It can help nourish the lymphatic system and stimulate the adrenal glands which process stress in our bodies.

Lemon is another very popular adaptogen and acts as a liver tonic. It naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion, it supports a healthy respiratory function, and can be diffused to promote a positive mood. Use it to cleanse and purify the air and surface. Lemon is also thought to improve blood-sugar metabolism.  Have you tried this tricks to boost immunity?

All essential oils can be used to help the body maintain homeostasis. Though each oil has very different properties they contribute to the overall health of the body and have the ability to support those areas that might be depleted.

Our need for balance is emotional and physical. Spending time everyday to achieve balance will give you the health, happiness and calmness to enjoy your life.

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