Many Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

The Natural Cure Jeanette Fransen

Coconut oil has been growing in popularity in recent years, mainly due to its multiple uses and health benefits. Coconut oil is not simply a cooking or beauty ingredient, but can be used to help many health issues.

Physical exercise may not be enough if you want to shed unwanted fats in the abdomen. However, research has shown that coconut oil has surprising effects on belly fat. Bear in mind that fats in the stomach produce greater risks of heart disorders and Type 2 diabetes. Stomach fat has been shown to be instrumental in the beginning of certain diseases.

Coconut is often described as a functional food filled with fiber, vitamins and minerals. These are vital components of good health.

Some research suggests that coconut oil specifically can protect people from infections, viruses and bacteria. It may be a form of saturated fat, but this certainly does not have negative effects. It can even burn other fats and help beautify the skin. Many think that the high fat in coconut oil contributes to flabby skin, obesity and high cholesterol count. Whereas the opposite is true. The medium-chain triglycerides are your friend.

Coconut oil can boost your energy use.  It is well-known that medium-chain triglycerides present in coconut oil increases an individual’s consumption of energy. A clinical study learned that 15 to 30 grams of these medium-chain triglycerides can boost so-called energy expenditure within 24 hours by around five percent. Thisamounts to about 120 calories daily. Over the course of months this can add up to a significant loss of weight.

You may find it interesting that coconut oil can also reduce one’s craving for food which is good for those who are overweight.

Coconut Oil Contains Lauric Acid

What’s more, coconut oil has Lauric acid that can eliminate harmful microorganisms, germs and yeast. This mildew is a widespread source of infections among human beings.

The list of health benefits of coconut oil is not limited to dietary intake. Coconut oil has also become very popular in the cosmetic world. Because of the unique properties of coconut oil, hair and skin  appear fuller as a result of higher levels of liquid content and moisture. At the same time, coconut oil protects the hair from damage as a result of too much sun exposure and ultra-violet rays.

coconut_02Coconut oil is readily available in many stores, but the trick is to find the best sources for this product. Coconuts are abundant in many countries of Asia, but relatively rare in Europe.

10 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

The salutary features of coconut oil have been long found in the ancient texts and Ayurveda.  Research and experiments in recent years has substantiated these beliefs. Here is a list of the top 10 benefits of coconut oil:

1.     Increases body metabolism

Various community and ethnic groups that consume coconut oil or products in their regular diet were found to have greater metabolic rate as compared to European and American community, where the use of coconut oil and product is minimal. Through scientific study it has been found that, the chemical composition of coconut oil is primarily of medium chain triglycerides (MCT). MCT breaks down easily providing instant energy to the body, rather than storing as fat.

2.    Reduces risk of heart disease

With its capability of stabilizing cholesterol by increasing HDL (Good) and reducing LDL (Bad) level, coconut oil helps to prevent heart-related diseases.

3.    Balances thyroid and blood sugar level

Primary composition of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), makes coconut oil a powerful remedy for various health issues. It helps in conversion of cholesterol into pregnenolone, which in turn helps in proper functioning of the thyroid gland. It also stimulates the production of insulin that regulates blood sugar level.

4.    Improves nutrient absorption

coconut_08Including coconut oil in diet helps body absorb vital fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E and K that are present in other food items. Not only for health benefits but including Coconut oil in other food items like desserts, bakeries and Smoothies adds-up taste to the delicacies. Cooking vegetables and leafy greens in coconut oil helps in locking down the nutrients that might get lost due to application of heat.

5.    Decreases excess hunger

Healthy hydrocarbons like MCT and ketones helps in proper digestion of food. This results in giving the sensation of fullness to the individual for a longer interval. It minimizes overeating and continuous craving for food.

6.    Helps in weight loss

As mentioned above coconut oil increases metabolism and decreases excess hunger, hence it balances the level of body fat. Also, with its characteristic of reducing calorie intake per day, scientifically it has been proven to aid in the reduction of 1 to 2 pounds of body weight a week. Coconut oil mainly targets the mid-section of the body as a result, reducing belly fat.

Many people are confused about the real benefits of coconut oil. It is a saturated fat and many people believe it contains the same properties as other saturated fats. But what makes coconut oil unique – healthy hydrocarbons like Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)- actually provide positive effects for the body. Studies have shown that it actually benefits our body in numerous –like the ones mentioned above. So, use coconut oil wisely and regularly and take advantage of its benefits to live a healthy life.

7. Stronger Immune System

Coconut oil has been known to build a stronger immune system stronger due to the anti-microbial lipids and different acids. These lipids and acids have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The saturated fats that can be found in the coconut derivative have anti-microbial properties. The body has the ability to convert lauric to monolaurin acids. According to medical research studies, the beneficial properties of coconut oil allow it to eliminate microbes that cause flu, herpes and Human Immuno Deficiency Virus or AIDS.

8. Fight Bacteria


Coconut oil has been known to fight bacteria such as Listeria caused by contaminated food and monocytogenes as well as certain forms of protozoan organisms. In the same manner, it can enhance the digestive system, and this aids in the prevention of stomach sickness and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

9. Candida Suppressant

Most women are aware of Candida. If not, Candida belongs to a species of yeasts and is the most prevalent cause of fungal infections. Coconut oil eases the swelling produced by this contagion internally and externally. The capacity of this oil to retain moisture prevents the skin from peeling off or cracking. Coconut oil’s effectiveness is not immediate as can be found with  pharmaceutical drugs, but continued use should see results. The use of coconut oils could possibly help those with liver issues, kidney trouble and gall bladder problems. It can also help reduce stress and mental exhaustion.

10. Natural Moisturizer

For women and men who suffer from dry skin, coconut oil is wonderful as a moisturizer. Continued use will help improve your skin elasticity and promote a youthful glow. All you have to do is rub some oil on your hands when needed. Considering that it has moisturizing properties it is suitable for atopic dermatitis, or common skin ailment characterized by dry and flaking patches. It can work well for those who suffer from itchy skin. The oil can help reduce itchiness and redness. It is also works well as an evening facial moisturizer. Just rub the oil in a circular movement around the neck and face. Wash the remains with face cleanly once you are finished massaging.

11. Wound Repair

Last but not least it can hasten the healing of wounds, effective in increasing the process of hydration and minimizing water loss which seems like a practical formula for dry skin.

So, use coconut oil wisely and regularly and take advantage of its benefits to live a healthy life.