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Jeanette Fransen is a traditional naturopath, working with the whole body not just the part that is ill. Jeanette has studied and interned with some of the best, cutting-edge doctors around the world and attends many seminars every year. She has trained many N.D.’s in what she has learned and has been recruited by many M.D.’s to work for them or train them. She has had great success helping people that mainstream medicine and other health practitioners have been unable to help.Jeanette dedicated herself to naturopathic, biological, and functional medicine after several M.D.’s diagnosed both her children with autism and told her that they would never speak. Additionally, Jeanette herself struggled with many serious health conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, severe thyroid disease, and more.Jeanette’s daughter has fully recovered from autism, and Jeanette is completely symptom free of the many diagnoses that had her bedridden at age 25.Jeanette lives in southern California with her husband and children. She loves the outdoors and enjoys going to the beach, gardening, swimming, running and surfing. She speaks on how to avoid the pitfalls of the mainstream medical establishment, natural nutrition and holistic living. Brittany has always had a passion for health. After receiving her degree in Health Education, Brittany undertook further education specializing in depression and anxiety recovery. Brittany believes that prevention is the key to ultimate health and she discovered that essential oils could help herself and others prevent illnesses and treat ailments in a natural holistic manner with a goal to an all-round healthier lifestyle.Her passion goes beyond sharing essential oils for healing into giving the opportunity of wealth with others.Brittany lives in Albuquerque with her husband, the love of her life and their two kids where they enjoy hiking, playing games together and traveling. We have such a unique opportunity to be trained by The Natural Cure. We are truly set up for maximum success.  I love being able to share with people who are really searching to improve their health and wellness. It is such an honor to associate with them. The opportunity to help individuals and teach group classes is such a thrill and so fulfilling.It is so much fun and also so humbling to be able to really help people tackle health concerns that they felt powerless to overcome. We have such high quality people working with The Natural Cure.I pinch myself everyday to make sure I’m not dreaming. When people ask me what I do I always answer. I get to help people improve their health and wealth and I make a ton of money while I do it! I love my life!  I invite anyone who is interested to join us. If you are looking for a fulfilling career full of helping others improve their health and making great money at the same time, this is for you!