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I sought the advice of Jeanette after my autistic toddler started seriously regressing and losing speech following surgery and both the surgeon and pediatrician had nothing to offer. Jeanette, thank you for your skilled guidance that rescued my daughter from further regression!”  Tiffany P.

“I was referred to Jeanette by my M.D. for heart disease. During our first visit she discovered that my testosterone was very low. I had been working on this with my M.D. for over an year and was currently on hormone cream which was not helping. Through Jeanette’s treatment my libido has returned and my wife and I are both very happy. My heart disease has improved tremendously as well.”  Blake S.

“I had an appointment with Jeanette Fransen for headache issues but mentioned that I had started with yet another bladder infection. I am also able to prevent future bladder infections. I feel empowered and healthy – Thank you to the brilliance of Jeanette!!”  Lisa G.

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